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  • Terminology management software TippyTerm
    Our terminology management software TippyTerm

Terminology at your fingertips!

Our terminology management software TippyTerm is made for all MS Windows® systems and provides consistent use of firm terminology, easy availability, handling and maintenance.

You do not even know TippyTerm?

Then you have to get to know our terminology management software!


  • Autocomplete for allowed terms at the cursor position
  • works with all MS Windows® applications accepting text from clipboard
  • Centralised Data Management
  • User management
  • Suggestion Management
  • Unicode compatible
  • Translation Management
  • TermExtract
  • WordCheck
  • Import/Export of Terminology

Trial version

Download a full functional & free of cost 30-day-trial version of TippyTerm and see it work seamlessly with your applications!

If you are convinced by the features and want to purchase a license, just contact us!